BMO Global Asset Management

Milwaukee, WI
July 2015 — December 2019

  • Contracted through Open Systems Technologies.
  • Managed code, content, and graphics on bmogam.com, bmo.com/pyrford, bmogamviewpoints.com, and other BMO-branded web properties.
  • Worked with multiple CMS platforms, including OpenText Vignette, OpenText WEM, WordPress, and Kurtosys.
  • Further expanded knowledge of jQuery, JSON, and Bootstrap.
  • Cleaned up tons of junk code on 2009 versions of aforementioned sites, including standardization of HTML layouts, moving commonly repeated inline CSS styles to a centralized stylesheet, and replacing redundant in-page JavaScript functions with better solutions.
  • Wrote custom jQuery scripts to streamline, standardize, centralize, and automate importation, parsing, and display of market data and Morningstar ratings for up to 45 investment funds in UI-driven tables.
  • Wrote custom JSON database to centralize and manage fund manager profiles across multiple pages, utilized by a custom jQuery plugin with options for displaying the information differently depending on the need.
  • Created single- and multi-page mass marketing microsites.
  • Facilitated WordPress theme customization and content creation.
  • Developed and integrated data collection solutions using Salesforce Pardot.

Rockwell Automation

Milwaukee, WI
September 2014 — Present

  • Contracted through Aquent Studios
  • Built single page touch screen kiosk apps powered by HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery
  • Built new content for single page “virtual brochures” using complex JSON infrastructure

Guarantee Digital

Delafield, WI
August, 2014 — October, 2014

  • Independently contracted; performed duties from home
  • Designed and developed original WordPress themes for multiple client websites


Milwaukee, WI
May, 2014 — July, 2014

  • Contracted through Creative Circle
  • Primarily developed material for a major travel agency, working closely with account exec
  • Developed and maintained web content using Sharepoint as a CMS
  • Took inventory of and organized stock photos on BVK’s network server
  • Chose new stock photos for purchase when necessary
  • Formatted stock photos into Sharepoint-optimized graphics
  • Designed static banner ads and email graphics according to branding guidelines
  • Developed and tested email advertising templates; managed content and distribution of two email campaigns each week
  • Developed and/or edited Flash banner ads; used a third-party service to distribute ads across the web
  • Helped with other Photoshop and Flash work within BVK when time and availability allowed

Freelance Work

Greater Milwaukee Area
April, 2013 — June, 2014

  • Assisted with front-end development of multiple WordPress-based websites
  • Greatly expanded familiarity with WordPress development
  • Worked with WordPress, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, and FileZilla
  • Became familiar with Twitter Bootstrap framework

Cornerstone Consulting

Brookfield, WI
Front-End Web Developer: October, 2012 – April, 2013

  • Worked with a team of over a dozen designers, developers, project managers, and quality control experts to create a powerful browser-based system management application for Cornerstone’s top client
  • Realized designer’s vision, converting Photoshop designs into functional HTML, CSS, and jQuery
  • Expanded jQuery skills; wrote first original plugin
  • Worked within ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Became more familiar with Scrum development practices
  • Became more familiar with Visual Studio .NET

Layer One Media

Milwaukee, WI
Contract Front-End Web Developer: May, 2012 – June, 2012

  • Contracted independently
  • Converted Photoshop mockups into web-optimized graphics and HTML5 layouts
  • Performed maintenance and development tasks on several high-profile client websites
  • Used Tortoise SVN to maintain versioning control on all files
  • Worked within ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Became more familiar with Visual Studio .NET

Core Creative

Milwaukee, WI
Contract Front-End Web Developer: February, 2012 – March, 2012

  • Contracted through Aquent
  • Converted wireframe plans into liquid, responsive WordPress themes
  • Used git to maintain versioning control on all files
  • Became familiar with SASS-compiled CSS
  • Became familiar with HTML5
  • Became familiar with Scrum development practices

Great Lakes Media Technology

Mequon, WI
Contract Application Designer/Developer for New Media: November, 2011 – February, 2012

  • Contracted through Robert Half Technology
  • Designed and developed CD/DVD-ROM applications with Flash/MDM Zinc and HTML/Adobe AIR
  • Wrote Windows-compatible Autorun files
  • Compiled bundled icons for Windows and Mac OS applications
  • Organized CD/DVD-ROM application files for disc replication in a logical, comprehensive manner
  • Designed and developed GLMT’s first mobile iPad application with Xcode
  • Designed and revised menu screens for DVD and Blu-ray titles


Milwaukee, WI
Contract Front-End Web Designer/Developer for North America Marketing, Digital Media: June, 2011 – September, 2011

  • Converted Photoshop designs into mass email marketing campaigns
  • Worked with Manticore to manage and send mass emails
  • Worked with Robohead to manage multiple projects

Contract Front-End Web Designer/Developer for Global Solutions Delivery: January, 2011 – June, 2011

  • Created eye-catching and engaging animated wall display for Manpower trade show
  • Rebranded Manpower Professional website in preparation for rebranding and restructuring of Manpower holdings
  • Created web page template for launching new international Experis branches
  • Designed logo for GIS department

Contract Front-End Web Designer/Developer on MyPath.com Web Property: February, 2010 – December, 2010

  • Acquired proficiency with Jive CMS, jQuery, and Final Cut Express in extremely short order, expanding personal value to team
  • Corrected long-standing style and layout problems with MyPath.com, leading to improved user experience and usability
  • Reworked site presentation with jQuery-enhanced widgets, resulting in far higher volume of traffic
  • Introduced promotional video presentation which dramatically boosted site traffic and user engagement
  • Further developed CSS coding skills

Top Producer Broker & Builder Solutions, a division of Move, Inc.

Publicly traded on NASDAQ as MOVE; Formerly The Enterprise
Milwaukee, WI
Web Designer: October, 2005 – July, 2009

  • Led efforts to improve departmental efficiency and client relations
  • Applied knowledge of basic SEO techniques in front-end development
  • Brought reusable layout codebase into compliance with W3C standards to increase usability and remove development bottlenecks
  • Used Photoshop and Dreamweaver to develop original web interfaces that resulted in improved user experience for clients
  • Created dynamic navigation systems, decorative Flash slideshows, and streaming video experiences to make agency and client sites more engaging
  • Further developed CSS, JavaScript, VB Script, and ActionScript coding skills with Dreamweaver and Flash

Freelance Work

Greater Milwaukee Area
January, 2003 – October, 2005

  • Contracted through OfficeTeam and Robert Half, or self-employed
  • Filled various positions from technical illustrator to desktop publisher to web designer to administrative assistant
  • Worked with Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Photoshop, GoLive, and Microsoft Office

Thomson BETA Systems

Brookfield, WI
Web Designer: August, 1999 – December, 2002

  • Completed development duties on third-party redesigned public marketing website, BetaSys.com
  • Used Fireworks and GoLive to create engaging and comprehensive web interfaces for company Internet and intranet applications
  • Acquired proficiency with CSS, JavaScript, and ActionScript coding skills with GoLive and Flash
  • Used telnet to FTP files to Unix servers

Huffy Sports

Sussex, WI
Instructional Media Specialist: April, 1998 – April, 1999

  • Contracted through Argus Technical Services
  • Used Adobe Illustrator to create high-quality, comprehensive, and reusable illustrations for product instruction manuals
  • Used Quark Xpress to write all English-language instructional content and organize it into printable layouts
  • Worked with engineers to write detailed, comprehensive instructional text and complete projects at or before deadline

Bill Frantz Photography

Delafield, WI
Web Designer and Webmaster (freelance): November, 1997 – June, 1999

  • Worked with client to create a more visually appealing and engaging website
  • Used Photoshop to scan and enhance photo gallery images and create original web graphics
  • Used TextEdit to write all HTML from scratch
  • Uploaded files via FTP to client-chosen server

Generac Power Systems

Waukesha, WI
Technical Illustrator and Graphic Designer: January, 1996 – May, 1997

  • Contracted through Manpower
  • Illustrated instruction manuals and lithographs for generators and pressure washers using India ink pens and Corel Draw
  • Used Corel Draw to recreate old illustrations and logos in digital format
  • Worked as a team member with engineers and technical writers to produce finished sets of illustrations on deadline
  • Prepared and pasted-up manuals on boards for printing
  • Created and illustrated a computerized slide show for use in employee training using Power Point
  • Used Corel Draw to design innovative and eye-catching decals for use in decoratively marketing core products

(Promoted and relocated to Jefferson facility, January, 1997)